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Silicon carbide powders for
technical ceramics:
Current solutions, innovations
and customization
17th June 2021
1:00-2:00 PM CET 
This webinar covers:
  • How green forming methods, bonding mechanisms and critical properties determine the selection of the most suitable SiC powder for your application.

  • How to use custom powder mixes to simplify your processes.

  • Possibilities to customize chemistry for special requirements (e.g. low oxygen content, high purity SiC, doping with chemicals etc.).

  • New and upcoming products from Fiven such as SiC-composites, ultra-high strength solutions for hot-pressing, SiSiC ready-to-press, and Slip Casting of sinterable powders.
You are not available on the date of the webinar? Please contact us to schedule an individual meeting.
Finding the perfect material for your technical ceramics application is not always easy. In this webinar you will learn how to navigate the vast portfolio of SiC solutions available as well as how customization of the material might optimize your product.
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